Found James Bond’s Rolex Submariner From ‘A Licence To Kill’ Is Up For Auction

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Remember 1989? George Bush Sr. became President, Toyota launched a luxury brand called “Lexus,” and James Bond was still wearing a Rolex. If any of that strikes a nostalgic bell in your heart, put down that giant grey Gameboy and pause your cassingle of “Love Shack.” Fellows is auctioning a Rolex Submariner from the James Bond film Licence to Kill, and you’re going to want to see this.

The 1989 film, which starred Timothy Dalton in his final appearance as 007, was also the last movie in the series in which Bond wore a Rolex. Six years later, when Pierce Brosnan assumed the role, he did so with an Omega on his wrist and the partnership between Bond and Omega has persevered into the current generation of the franchise.

Find out how much this watch is going for in auction here.

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