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The Omega Speedmaster Mark series is a very exciting one. Some fans say that no collection is complete without them, others frown upon the thought of owning any. Again, others look at them as novelty watches of a bygone era. Remainders of a time when Omega was experimenting with various technical improvements.

Despite the rather short production run of the Mark IV, numerous examples saw the light of day. Many are still around today for a fairly affordable price thanks to them not being the “hottest” Mark Speedmasters around. I think otherwise though.

As Omega left the 861 after the Mark II and started using the 1040 or its derivatives in the Mark series it’s no surprise that the Mark IV would have the same movement as the Mark III. The Omega calibre 1040’s base movement is the Lemania 1340. That calibre went into many different models from Croton to BWC or Tissot. Omega modified this calibre by adding a 24-hour indicator to the running second subdial.

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